The Artist Reclaiming Public Education

The Artist Reclaiming Public Education

#Art Is Revolting

#Art Is Revolting

How I Survived Grad School

Occupy Everything @CalArts

A Documentary on the Occupy Movement in California Schools

Inconvenient Art

Occupy Everything is a feature-length film documenting the struggle of four female college students striving to reclaim public education in the state of California. Each of their stories are very different, but they all have had common experiences in that they feel bullied by the university — by tactics to wear them down, to run out the clock and deny them access to administrators — all the while banking on students graduating and moving on and thus, administrators are not held accountable for their actions. I’d like to share “The CalArts Story” with you and others in a documentary film. That is why I am fighting for my student rights.

Bad Subjects / Disobedient Objects (breaking the stereotype)

NEED: due-process 

From here we can start talking about the disciplinary proceedings of public colleges and universities governed by the United States Constitution, because state schools are governmental institutions. The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution promise that the government will not deprive any person of “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” This means that what lawyers call “accusatory proceedings” of any sort, including campus disciplinary proceedings, must be handled in a regularized manner–not in an arbitrary manner designed for this or that particular case–and must include procedural safeguards that match the seriousness of the potential punishment. 

Definition: Substantive Due Process Rights are those that protect a party from unreasonable, excessive, or uncivilized treatment or punishment. Freedom from cruel and unusual punishments and freedom from invasion of privacy are examples of such rights.

#Art Is Revolting

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Occupy Everything: A Documentary of the Occupy Movement in California Schools

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